Academic Support


The Academic Support Program is designed to address a student’s complete academic curriculum and placement.

Once an initial consultation has been completed, we will examine the student’s current educational setting and begin academic support in the form of tutoring. We offer an experienced staff of tutors and educational specialists who focus on the student’s individual needs. After working with the student for a number of sessions, we will suggest classroom modifications and offer recommendations to families for creating the optimum learning environment at home.

In making suggestions about a student’s program, we take many things into consideration including his or her aptitude, interests, social life, current level of motivation and long-range goals and objectives. We also rely heavily on the parents’ input and observations and will often discuss a range of issues and concerns with them. As a part of our ongoing evaluation process, tutorial reports are e-mailed home following each session. When necessary, we may be in contact with classroom teachers and guidance counselors for consultation regarding the student’s learning style and academic needs. In some cases, we may attend team meetings at the student’s school to offer our own input and observations. As with all our programs, we respect the need for confidentiality.

Most students in the Academic Support Program come to our facility twice a week for individual assistance with their course work. We ask that students make an initial, twelve week commitment. This regular contact and support has proven to be very effective in establishing proper study habits and attitudes. We teach students how to study independently as well as how to learn best in a classroom setting. This involves instruction in organization, planning, time management, note taking, test preparation, listening skills, speaking skills, research, and report writing.