SSAT Test Administration


Students wishing to take the SSAT in a more relaxed, personal atmosphere may do so at Parker Tutoring. As an SSAT approved Flex Site, we have the advantage of being able to schedule an SSAT test at the convenience of the client and administrator. A test can be scheduled from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and on occasional Saturday mornings.

If you choose to take the SSAT test at Tutoring & Instructional Services, Inc., the following may be helpful to know:

  • The SSAT consists of five, thirty minute sections. These include an essay, reading comprehension, math, vocabulary and analogies, and second math section. Expect it to take about three hours to complete. Exception – Special Accommodations test can take up to five hours.
  • Registration – Prior to testing, students should contact our office to schedule a test date. Once the date has been established, we will instruct you as to how to register with SSAT.
  • Two payments are required for the test:
    • Registration: $105.00 payable to SSAT with Visa or MasterCard.
    • $125.00 made payable to Parker Education in the form of a check, money order, Visa or MasterCard.
    • *Exception — Special Accommodations test administration fee is $200.

Students may not bring calculators, rulers, dictionaries, etc. Students may bring snacks and juice drinks. We allow breaks between sections, if the student desires.

Scores will be mailed to your address and the schools you pre-select in about two weeks or you may go online to to retrieve scores.