Private School Placement



Students planning to pursue a private school education have many options available to them. In providing guidance and support through this process, we hope to empower our students by helping them understand the value of careful planning, research, and self-evaluation. We encourage parents to stay actively involved and welcome their feedback and consultation. We maintain regular contact with guidance counselors, administrators and admission personnel and draw on the experience of other educational consultants with whom we enjoy close affiliation. Our library contains an extensive selection of school catalogs, resource guides and other books and materials appropriate to private school planning and career guidance. As with all of our programs, it is our intention to provide a comprehensive approach to learning.

We draw on a wide range of resources and experience in providing private school planning. Our director, David S. Parker, has over 25 years of experience working with adolescents and college students as a teacher, tutor, counselor and college Dean. As the director of Tutoring & Instructional Services, Inc. and the private, alternative day school, Parker Academy, he coordinates a group of professional educators who work cooperatively to provide a wide range of academic support and enrichment programs.

Parents frequently have questions about specific private schools that are often best answered by an independent consultant. We see our role as advocates for the families for whom we work. We have formed our opinions after years of visiting schools and working with a diverse group of students and have no direct or implied association with any public or private schools. All placement services are managed under strict guidelines of confidentiality.


We begin with an initial assessment. This includes an interview to discuss interests, activities and accomplishments. We also review academic records and discuss long-term goals and objectives. Once the initial assessment is complete, we may administer interest, career, personality and/or learning style inventories and interpret these tests with the student.

Planning for School Visits

The private school selection process requires that the student visit and interview with several schools. We help students establish a list of appropriate schools, advise them with respect to good interviewing techniques and suggest ways to get the most out of a school visit.

Private School Placement Exams

In providing a comprehensive secondary school placement program, we appreciate the competitive nature of private school admission and the significance of achievement on standardized admission tests. At the same time, we recognize that test scores are only one component of the student’s entire admission package. After weighing all aspects of the student’s academic records, recommendations and extracurricular achievements, we may determine that additional preparation on the SSAT may be beneficial. We offer SSAT prep programs designed to help maximize a student’s performance on the test. Our program is designed to relieve the anxiety often associated with multiple choice exams and to teach solid test taking skills. Our approach to test preparation reflects our belief in individualized programming. By providing one-to-one tutorials, we are able to assess the strengths and needs of each student and focus on specific strategies designed to help the student reach his or her full potential. This program is offered for an additional fee.

Applications, Essays, Etc.
Once a final selection of schools is determined, we offer guidance with applications and essays. We prepare a timeline for completing applications and work with the student’s guidance counselor in following the various guidelines.

Additional Services

Group workshops are scheduled periodically to address issues related to private school planning and decision making. Peer group discussions guided by an experienced professional allow students to discuss ideas and concerns and seek solutions. In the past, these have included topics on interviewing, the school visit, financial aid, research methods, study skills and coping with private school life.

The Private School Planning Program Includes:

  • in-depth interview to assess particular needs
  • review and interpretation of all academic records
  • assistance with establishing educational goals
  • communication with family counselors, when necessary
  • guidance and instruction on private school placement exams
  • identification of appropriate private schools
  • preparation of a timetable for school visits and interviews
  • assistance with interviewing skills
  • guidelines for making the most out of the school visit
  • contact with private school personnel
  • ongoing communication with parents
  • review of applications

Independent School clients have received acceptances from:

Brooks School, Deerfield Academy, Governor’s Academy, High Mowing School, Kent School, New Hampton School, Northfield Mount Hermon School, Phillips Academy Exeter, Pomfret School, Suffield Academy, St. George’s School, and St. Paul’s School.