Philosophy & Mission

Parker Academy is a private day school located in Concord, New Hampshire designed for families seeking a small individualized program for their son or daughter. We are approved by the State of New Hampshire for grades six through twelve (ages 11-21) including special education placements by school districts.

We subscribe to a number of principles…

WE ARE SELECTIVE AND INCLUSIVE: We accept students who demonstrate a desire to grow, succeed and be actively involved in our program. We include in that mix students who are gifted, have learning differences, emotional challenges, as well as a wide range of abilities. Reflective of the public at large, the diversity of our student body creates a very dynamic learning environment. We do not admit students whose behavioral issues that require intensive intervention or are highly oppositional.

CLASSES ARE SMALL: Small classes and tutorials allow for a collaborative and supportive learning experience. Individual attention and advanced learning opportunities are common.

STRENGTHS MATTER MOST: We discover what a student is good at and build an individualized program around those strengths.

WELLNESS: Fitness, nutrition, stress management, activities and mindfulness are integrated into our program. We also practice an educational philosophy of positive psychology.

PORTFOLIO ASSESSMENT: Each student maintains a portfolio that highlights strengths, needs, wellness, activities and service. Students present their portfolios periodically to review their accomplishments and establish new goals and objectives.

RESEARCH: Professional development and quality research drive our program initiatives. Our administrators and faculty are actively engaged in their discipline through professional associations and the most current research.

COLLABORATION: Working in teams, we share the responsibility of running the school with students and parents. We also work closely with school districts, other private schools and community members in order to share and learn from each another.

SERVICE: Ongoing community service, internships, mentoring and completing chores around the school builds self esteem and gives students a sense of purpose.

GREEN: We have always been a Green Community and continue to practice green initiatives.

Our Mission

Parker Academy provides comprehensive educational programming that responds to the individual needs of students and families. We strive to create an educational environment that expects honesty and respect and encourages growth, service, creativity, commitment and success. In order to fulfill our mission, we are committed to the following objectives:

  • Academic programming that responds to the individual’s learning style and needs
  • Service to school and community
  • Physical fitness as part of overall wellness
  • Appreciation of and participation in the arts
  • Social and emotional growth, and
  • Parental involvement