Everyone has a story to tell. Each and every one of us goes through
hardships and difficult times in our lives, and It’s easy to become
overwhelmed by the hard knocks life can throw at us. Believe me when I say
you are not alone. Not by a long shot. We can get lost in sorrow, grief, pain,
the pressures of life, and symptoms of things we don’t always understand. I
believe with clarity, support, learning new skills, and perseverance all of us
have the capacity to change, grow, and transform our lives. Sometimes it’s
just really hard to believe it’s possible when you are in the thick of hard things.
But you CAN. There are times we all just need someone to talk to, and to walk
with us to seeing past what we can’t control, and utilize difficulties on our
journey to make us stronger.  There is a way to get from struggle and
hardship to wellness and success, whatever that looks like to you. Recovery
and a return to a sense of joy, centeredness, and purpose in life is possible,
and I’d like to walk with you to a better place than you are right now.
I have been practicing for many years, and hold a Master’s degree in Mental
Health Counseling as well as a certification in School Counselling from Rivier
University. I offer a heart centered, culturally sensitive, eclectic and multi
systemic approach, tailored to each person’s individual life circumstance. I
welcome with caring and empathy children 11 and over, teens, couples,
families, LBGTQ, folks with trauma, sexual abuse, addiction, depression and
anxiety, and a host of mental health concerns.

Endlessly curious, life contemplator, appreciator of all things nature, shell
seeker, dog lover.