Bullying Affects Mental Health

parker academy consequences of bullyingPrior to the opening of school, the staff participated in a workshop on bullying. They were trained in what is and what isn’t bullying, and reviewed the signs that suggest bullying is taking place.

Although we haven’t seen much bullying here, we want to remain vigilant. We know that approximately 30% of students in public schools, almost one-third of kids in grades six through 12, experience bullying. Bullying ranges from name-calling and teasing to threats, lies, pushing, and hitting.

We know that bullying can leave a lifelong legacy of depression, low self-esteem, and behavioral problems. We recommend the following:

Plan a response. Offer your child different approaches, such as ignoring the bully. Or try a response that may catch the bully off guard, such as, “Why would you say something like that to me?”

Report the bully. If your child pleads with you not to report bullying to the teacher, consider talking to the teacher anyway. Ask that your child not be identified and that the bully be better supervised.

If your child is doing the bullying, talk with him or her about how that makes other kids feel. Get your child involved in projects that require helping and cooperating with others.

A Unique New Addition To Parker Academy

Parker Academy is happy to have a new student joining our school. Please see the story below:

A flood of support, 11-year-old boy from Tortola to attend Parker Academy as family rebuilds after Hurricane Irma

By Lola Duffort

parker academy reyWhile it received little coverage in the American media, the British Virgin Islands, and in particular, Tortola, the region’s largest island, were one of the places hardest-hit by Hurricane Irma.

But at home in Amherst, Missy Gaffney worried desperately as one of the strongest Atlantic storms in recorded history barreled through the island. She was thinking about Sylvia Forbes, the friend she’d met at the Nanny Cay marina on Tortola when she was just 14 – more than 30 years ago – and Forbes’s daughter, Rochelle Lawrence, and 11-year-old grandson, Rey. . .

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