Welcome to Parker Academy!

Parker Academy is a private day school for middle and high school students.


Parker Academy BuildingEach student goes through a comprehensive admissions process that determines the appropriateness of the placement and lays the groundwork for designing his or her individualized program based on strengths and needs.

Students attend Parker Academy for a variety of reasons. Some have learning differences or emotional needs. Others may need a slower pace or need help in managing stress or anxiety. Many find themselves longing for an environment that not only adjusts and supports them, but offers them appropriate challenges in their areas of strength.

All of our students choose to be here.

We attract quality, experienced personnel. Working in teams, our students and faculty make sure our programs are responsive and that all voices are represented. Parent communication and involvement are encouraged and there are many opportunities to contribute. Community service, positive psychology, wellness, signature strengths, mindfulness and personal growth are built into all programs.

Parker Academy has an active, positive influence in the community. Our students and staff volunteer countless hours to worthy causes, sit on boards and professional associations and engage in lively debate on issues and events. Experiential and collaborative, we see ourselves as leaders in an educational movement that embraces all styles and abilities and challenges the status quo.