The Parker School of Drama

The Parker School of Drama offers classes in speech and drama to all ages and abilities.  Our program uses the study of Shakespeare and classical acting technique to develop skills in speaking and performance, in ways that are dynamic and fun.  Whether you are a 1st grader, looking to build confidence in speaking, an aspiring actor with a big audition on the horizon, a seasoned Shakespearean aficionado wanting to understand the craft of the classically trained actor, or a politician whose work demands impeccable presentation skills, we can tailor a program for you.  The Parker School of Drama aims to be accessible to all, to serve the communities of Concord and New Hampshire.

Group classes

  • Acting
  • Improvisation
  • Auditioning
  • Comedy
  • Playwriting
  • Public Speaking
  • Shakespeare in Performance

Theatre for Homeschoolers

• Classes in acting and Shakespeare, from 1st to 12th Grade.

Individualized Programs of Study and One-to-One Coaching

  • Acting
  • Audition Technique
  • Acting Shakespeare
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  • Sight Reading & Reading for Performance

All classes follow a 16-week semester, with a 1-week break mid-semester. 

Further Individualized Coaching and Mentorship

Audition Preparation is deliberately tailored to each student.  A suggested course includes 2 hour-long sessions each week for 6 weeks until first audition, and a further 3 hour-long sessions for each subsequent audition or callback.

Play Reading Service includes reading of full manuscripts, and a 90-minute meeting, with comprehensive feedback on form, structure, language, dialogue, and potential areas for development

Theatre Director Mentorship is deliberately tailored to each student.  The course includes weekly observation and feedback on rehearsal, extensive one-to-one meetings to meet the needs of the director.  Meetings and feedback will be mutually agreed according the director’s rehearsal schedule, with more frequency of meetings likely to vary through the stages of rehearsal (for example: early stages – casting and planning – are likely to require more meetings and fewer observations)

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Beginning in January 2020

Short Courses and Professional Development. These intensive, full-day classes offer intensive preparation for students and professional development for theatre teachers and directors.  Courses include

  • Directing for the first (or second) time
  • Directing Shakespeare
  • Preparing your student directors
  • Building a monologue for audition

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