Parent Volunteer Opportunities


Parent involvement and support are directly related to a student’s success in school.

Parents are expected to take an active role in their son or daughter’s program. This includes attending an orientation session, attending quarterly portfolio evaluation sessions and taking responsibility for their son or daughter’s schedule when he/she is not in school. Regular monthly parent sessions explore topics of interest to parents and offer advice in parenting teens.

Our licensed, certified school psychologist will work with parents to offer guidance and advice in managing non-school activities and learning opportunities. Inherent in this type of program is sharing and problem solving. Experienced professionals will assist Parker Academy staff in presenting topics of interest. We encourage parents to attend classes and tutorials, assist with activities and field trips and offer additional learning opportunities for students. We believe that active parent involvement is essential to encourage life skills and values that go beyond the academic environment. We also believe that parents can offer more than support services and can direct and initiate programs and activities. Parents are instrumental in providing transportation and assistance for community service activities and expertise in teaching students job-seeking skills.

There are always opportunities for parents to volunteer at Parker Academy. If you are interested in providing food for an event, teaching a lesson or unit, leading a seminar on a life skill, providing transportation, organizing or chaperoning events, please contact Parker Academy at (603) 410-6240. We always welcome parents sharing their time, skills and experience with us!