Parker Education - Academy Supports The Every Student (YES!) scholarship program

Every Student (YES!) Scholarship Program

We are thrilled to share that the New Hampshire Department of Education (NHED) is launching the second iteration of its Yes, Every Student (YES!) scholarship program. Designed to support students whose education was negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, this initiative will provide $1,000 tutoring scholarships to students across New Hampshire.

YES! Scholarship Program Overview

The YES! scholarship program aims to:


– Offer financial assistance for individualized tutoring and support services
– Address the unique educational needs of students affected by disrupted learning
– Foster academic growth and success for public, non-public, home education, and Education Freedom Account students in New Hampshire

Eligibility & Funding

Unlike last year’s program, which had financial eligibility requirements, the 2023 YES! scholarship program is universal and available to any school-age student residing in the state, regardless of their family’s income level. Approximately $2.3 million in funding from the federal Governor’s Emergency Relief Fund under the CARES Act will be utilized to award the scholarships.

Using the Scholarship

Recipients can use their scholarships for tutoring provided by certified New Hampshire educators. Additionally, the scholarships cover special education therapies and services offered by certified New Hampshire special education teachers or licensed therapists.

Success in the Past

In the first round of scholarships, nearly $1.9 million was awarded to almost 500 recipients for tutoring and other educational needs. Building on this success, the YES! program aims to continue providing valuable resources for students in need of academic support.

Questions & Contact

For any questions or inquiries about the YES! scholarship program, please email