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Academic Schedule


The core school day for full-time students runs from 8:25 AM to 3:00 PM. After-school programming may include time for supervised study, extra tutorials, community service projects and recreation or sports.

Our school week is nontraditional; we have classes lasting an hour each on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, but “Wednesdays” are set aside for physical activities (basketball, biking, capture the flag, yoga, etc.); or an Adventure based trip (rock climbing, hiking, camping, skiing, snow boarding); or club activities (origami, robotics, yearbook, etc.); and community service projects. Wednesdays may also be used for day trips in and around the region. The academic calendar runs from September through mid-June with a variety of options available during the summer months for those who need an extended year program.

Schedules will evolve to accommodate the needs of students. Classes can be broken up into smaller groups or recombined depending on the needs of the student. A student who starts with only a couple of classes a day will then gradually take on more as he or she is ready. Moreover, flexible scheduling allows for family vacations, special events or recurrent health problems. Year round programming is available and many students programs extend into the summer months.